Hello I’m Fabio, for years I photograph Palermo, Sicily and Sicilians…

I take picture of Palermo, my city, and its many facets trying to capture the most particular and curious aspects, moving as far as possible from the usual points of view, with imagination and originality.
I take picture of  my Sicily and its natural wonders collected in beautiful photo galleries accompanied by descriptions and stories on my blog Sicilia Immagini
, on Facebook and on Instagram.
I take picture of  thge Sea, its colors, its shapes, its seabed. They are a theme always present in all my photographs and in many projects. The Sea photographed from outside, from inside and underwater. The Sicilian sea that becomes an exclusive, unique and incredible location for underwater shoots
with sparkling reflections and a thousand colors.
And, in addition to fantastic landscapes and naturalistic jewels, I always have a special focus on  portrait photography: beautiful and original shoots, made in the most fascinating naturalistic locations of my Sicily and also in studio and indoors…

A great passion, photography, that moves through the most diverse photographic genres (portrait, naturalistic, landscape, architectural, reportage, sports, underwater, nude…), and that finds further creative ideas in the use of 2D and 3D graphics both combined with photography that for the creation of exclusively digital artworks!
Beauty, Elegance, Naturalness, Originality, are fundamental elements of all my works that emerge with great force even in the photography of important events such as Weddings and on all special occasions that need to be remembered forever.

Fabio Corselli Fotografia Palermo


If you need a photoshoot for your event or ceremony, if you want to pose for beautiful portraits to be framed, if you need to photograph your products, your vacation rental, your hotel or your house, for any kind of need or photographic advice, I invite you to view my albums (here on the Website  or on Facebook) and then to CONTACT ME to discuss and plan your photo shoot together…
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With Love, your photographer Fabio Corselli