“Proiectĭo”: beautiful flowers over a naked body!

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Beautiful flowers over the naked body…

Proiectĭo, from Latin, understood as projecting, stretching forward, representing on a plane…
And in fact it is the projection of my most beautiful floral picture that illuminates the scene, to dress (sometimes “to color”) the model, and to be represented on her naked body.

Here I present the first fantastic series of 5 photos of the project, with collages that also include the floral photo used for the projection, the name of the flower (or insect), and other info. Everything in Latin… that’s so cool!



No photographic machine, in this project, no projector, no real models… The images are renderings of complex virtual scenes made entirely in 3D graphics!!
The 3D scene is made entirely within Poser, from modeling, to managing lights and the virtual projector to making the final photorealistic imace. Latest tweaks, as always, in Photoshop!

Tips: some photos have been edited before the projection to better fit the model’s body!

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