Sports photography in Palermo (events, competitions, athletes, dance)

Sports photography in Palermo: events, competitions, athletes, dance…

Hello I’m Fabio Corselli, for years I have been involved in sports photography and sports-themed photo books!
On the one hand beautiful reports of events and sports competitions of all kinds: triathlon, football, athletics, swimming, gatherings, events… On the other hand, beautiful and exciting books of athletes, gymnasts, dancers and artists of the movement in all its forms.
Beautiful portraits that manage to capture all the strength, energy, magic and emotions of every athletic gesture, enhancing it and emphasizing it thanks to a wise use of light and a creative and original management of the composition!

If you are looking for a photographer in Palermo for your important event, or if you simply want to get involved and pose for magnificent sports portraits, entrusting you to a professional who can offer you a great photo shoot without having to spend too much, I invite you to take a look at the gallery below and possibly contact me (here on the site or on Facebook) to discuss and plan together the shooting best suited to your needs.


Sports Photography in Palermo and Sicily
Sports Events, Races, Athlete, Dance, Circus

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