Still Life Photography in Palermo and Food Photography

Still Life Photography in Palermo and Food Photography

Hello I’m Fabio Corselli, for years I have been involved in Still Life photography in Palermo and Sicily in all its variants up to Food Photography!
Still life photography is about filming the inanimate subjects of everyday life, usually isolated from the context, or inserted into a composition of multiple objects.
Still Life is basically an artistic photographic genre, but it also becomes a powerful and flexible means of commercial dissemination.
Still Life, therefore, deals with photographing objects and products of any kind for advertising and dissemination purposes.
If you are an artist, a craftsman, a designer, a chef who has to advertise his products and creations, perhaps creating a brochure or a catalog, a well-executed photograph is the starting point to get immediate and positive feedback!
My shots are able to enhance your product, thanks to a skilful light management, both natural and artificial, a perfect composition work and an excellent final photo editing!

If you are looking for a photographer in Palermo to photograph your products and creations, able to offer you a complete and professional photo shoot but without having to spend too much, I invite you to take a look at the gallery below and possibly to contact me (here on the site or on Facebook) to be able to discuss and plan together the shooting that best suits your needs.


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